Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

The equipment that is used to serve the aircraft in between and during flights is all called aircraft ground support equipment. Mostly, it is used to help the staff and passengers while boarding or getting off the plane and the procedures that take place in between these steps. The ground support equipment is used to service the flight attendant and passengers. The services provided by the ground support equipment mostly include ground power operations, any mobility operations like taking the luggage of the passengers to and from the airport and the cargo loading operations. To perform all these operations, there are specialized equipments without which these operations cannot be done and they are called aircraft ground support equipment.

The ground support equipment:

Some of the most important ground support equipment is as follows:


Dollies are part of the ground support equipment that are used for the transportation of loose bags, cargo equipments, oversized bags, mail bags, oversized carton boxes etc that cannot be dragged through simple trolleys or carried by hand. Dollies are big truck like cars that transport all the heavy materials. They have a large flatbed on which a large quantity of equipment can be transported at a time and does not require repetitive trips. They have bearing inserted that allows easy transportation, loading and unloading of the cargo equipment.


Chocks are the equipment that is used to hold the aircraft in one place. Basically, it prevents the aircraft from moving while the people are boarding the plane of getting off of it. Since they require a great amount of resistance, they are made of hard wood and rubber.

Aircraft Tripod Jack:

The aircrafts are always first vacated from the front and when the process is being carried out, the tail side of the aircraft becomes heavy due to the unequal weight. The tripod jacks are used at the tail to prevent the tail from bending or falling off because that is most likely to happen because of the unbalanced weight.

Aircraft Service Stairs:

The aircraft service stairs are for the use of the maintenance staff and they provide assistance to them in doing their work. Basically they are designed to help the maintenance people reach the bottom or any part of the aircraft that needs to be checked or needs maintenance. They are very helpful aircraft ground support equipment.
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